Partnering for Growth Solutions

Catalyst Management Services is a Social Investment Specialist that partners with Change Agents*, sharing a joint ambition to unlock and accelerate impact, scale and
sustainability of development. To address complex issues that need integrated solutions, we forge partnerships for effective action and growth solutions to shape social

CMS recognises that a systematic effort to capture, use and share learnings is the cornerstone of effective strategy, action and implementation. Towards this, we bring the following strengths:

  • We are a learning organisation with 20+ years of experience. Our sister organisations, our strong, diverse and vast partnerships and our breadth of work provide us a 360-degree view of development

  • We work with the best partners and programmes in the field and are always open to learning from them

  • We carry our own experiments into our field labs on a range of issues

  • We have developed a number of tools and solutions over time, across a variety of subject areas, and catalogued them for our partners to use

We facilitate organisations and programmes to learn through:

  • Designing and operationalising systems for learning and knowledge management

  • Support and facilitate reflection, documentation and dissemination, using learning lenses through different forums

  • Synthesis of research and experiences

* CSOs, Resource Organization, Investors, Sectoral Leader, Policy Makers, Government.


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