Community Action Collab

Our Vision

A world that is resilient and invigorated. (Empowering the key vulnerable communities to survive and thrive during humanitarian crises)

Our Mission

The Collaborative is incubated by the Catalyst Group, a social impact platform with 26 years experience of working across 30 countries in social and economic development, including humanitarian emergencies.

Synergise resource access and allocate efforts, in an adaptive and urgent manner

Augment collaboration and connections, within the larger network, at multiple levels

Accelerate transformative impact in keeping with the changing needs within vulnerable communities

Our Partners

We believe that resilient communities are better able to prepare, adapt and get stronger in response to internal and external pressures and stresses in a way that not only allows them to maintain essential functions and bounce back quickly but also goes further toward an improved environment, social and economic health and wellbeing.

This kind of resilience can only be built through constant human collaboration, where looking out for and after each other becomes a way of life.

Our network of partners ranges from Implementers (NGOs, CBOs, Government bodies and Private Sector Organisations); Providers (Human Resources, Finance and Technology) & Enablers (Policy, Academia and Industry Associations).