Applying our expertise across Climate, Livelihood, Health and Wellbeing for workforce 

We have extensive experience in supporting - enterprises, vulnerable communities with healthcare and first mile workers with their wellbeing.

Health Practice

We have 25 years of experience as a global social impact consulting firm and use 360-degree approach that improves the well-being of vulnerable communities. CMS and its sister organisation, Swasti, a global south public health agency, partners with communities at the last mile to help them realise their potential through health and well-being. We work to achieve Universal Health Care and Global Health Security.

Community System Strengthening: People-centric outcomes through Swasti

Health System Strengthening: Institution and policy outcomes through CMS

Key Domains We Work In

Comprehensive Primary Health

Changing the way health services are for vulnerable communities. Sector shaping work through Invest4Wellness (i4We), a system innovation in primary healthcare and Comprehensive Primary Health Care (CPHC) Alliance to strengthen primary health care.

Early diagnosis

Detecting symptoms, health concerns and disease trends through sector shaping work like self-testing initiatives, screening & testing, and integrated disease surveillance.

Technology & Digital Health

Providing appropriate cutting-edge technology solutions to enable vulnerable groups to achieve well-being. Sector shaping work through Call4Svasth, telecare for the vulnerable, using point-of-care diagnostics in our community health interventions, DICEFlow for our primary healthcare work, and using data science, Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and Machine Learning models (ML) as essential components of our approach to environmental surveillance.

SRHR & Maternal health

Empowering adolescent girls, women, and sexual minorities to protect their health and rights. Sector shaping work through Saarthi Health Innovation Platform (SHIP) to scale-up Manyata to at least 1000 new social healthcare enterprises (SHEs) in key states of India by 2024 and membership at Asia Pacific Alliance for SRHR.

One Health + Planetary Health

Coordinating with human, animal and environmental health partners for successful public health interventions. Sector shaping work through Precision Health Platform, surveillance using environmental tools and Green Health Alliance.

Other priority domains include Mental Health, Social Determinants of Health, Inclusive Health Systems for Special Populations, and Innovative Financing & Health Entrepreneurship.

The Practice Works with Various Partner Types:

  • Local to National Governments
  • Regional Government bodies
  • UN Agencies
  • Bilateral and Multilateral Agencies
  • Large Civil Society Networks representing the cause of vulnerable populations

Key Initiatives

Transforming the city of Bhopal into a ‘Healthy City’ based on WHO’s long-running Healthy Cities framework concentrating on the Social Determinants of Health in five pillars:

The initiative has been successful with support from National Health Mission, Government of Madhya Pradesh and HSTP

Developed effective strategies for COVID-19 vaccination and building resilience with support from Rockefeller Foundation in 3 SEAR countries

National QI Coordinating Agency & Technology Agency for Manyata 4.0 aims to scale up Manyata to at least 1000 new social healthcare enterprises (SHEs) in key states of India by 2024 with support from MSD for Mothers, a global healthcare initiative for women

Built the resilience among workers and businesses of factories against Covid-19 and future crises of over 40,000 workers from 14 RMG factories of Amazon Supply Chains located districts of Bangladesh with support from Amazon

Launched India’s first city-wide environmental surveillance system in 5 cities with the aim to develop a comprehensive yet decentralised environmental surveillance system with support from Skoll Foundation

Facilitated the Learning for Impact L4I knowledge collaborative by USAID India

Conducted a process evaluation of India’s first health-focused ‘development impact bond’ (DIB) to generate insights on the prospective role of performance-based financing mechanisms in global health programming

Designed the National Drug Control Master Plan (NDCMP) II for the Government of Nigeria to combat the challenges of addiction and trafficking

Conducted an evaluation of the World Health Organisation’s Regional Office for South East Asia’s (WHO SEARO) Collaborating Centers

Together with Swasti, raised over one billion USD from the Global Fund for AIDS, TB and Malaria

Alliances and Platforms

Creating impact, orchestrating results, and shaping the sector of primary health care, environmental health, and climate change through our platforms and multi-partner alliances.

The practice area has representation under some of the most prestigious boards and panels:

WHO Alliance for Transformative Action on Climate and Health (ATACH)

WHO Knowledge Sharing Platform

Scientific and Industrial Research Organizations (SIRO)

Global Learning Collaborative for Health Systems Resilience

MIT Solve Health Leadership

Asia Pacific Alliance for SRHR

Pivoting Towards Climate-Responsive Healthy Days


Building stronger evidence on measuring healthy days

Climate Change and Health:

Climate change has resulted in extreme weather conditions that have a serious impact on health. Through climate-responsive programs, we hope to build the resilience of vulnerable communities.

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I4WE Programme Model

I4WE Programme Model

The cycle of ill health and poverty is kept intact by system inefficiencies, episodic treatment seeking behaviour of the poor, and minimal focus on prevention and non-medical determinants of health. The poor lose up to 1-2 months of productive time in a year to an illness of self and family. Almost 50-80% of them live with some form of undiagnosed illnesses and die earlier than those who are economically better off. About 50-60 million people in India have been pushed to poverty, in the last decade, because of health-related expenditure.

Invest for Wellness (i4We) is a system innovation in primary healthcare, which combines health and wealth interventions, and focuses on wellness for the poor in an affordable, quality assured and scalable way. The programme ensures the primary care of members, navigates them through a range of existing secondary and tertiary providers and uses a blended financing model. The model combines medical, behavioural and social science with an appropriate mix of technology and health financing. It is currently delivered in four settings – Urban, Rural, Factories and Sex Workers’ collectives.

In any setting, a household becomes a member by saving a minimum of ~ 0.8-1 USD per week in a local health group. When a family member is ill, they get free, prompt, convenient and empathetic care in the local clinic by a nurse and a dial-in doctor. When they are well, they are screened systematically for 10 high-burden conditions. In the case of chronic conditions, continued support to adhere to treatment and other changes, is provided. When the condition requires hospitalization or advanced treatment, they are referred to a quality assured network of providers and treatment adherence.

The i4We model is guided by the philosophy of “work with what works” and complements the existing network of health providers by making them more effective and efficient, with a customer focus.

Members get health advice, assured screening and treatment for 20 diseases and conditions, and priority access to health services.

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Wash App

Wash App

The solution consists of an Android app and web platform that helps hospitals monitor and execute healthy WaSH practices. The WaSH App has been made in accordance with the Government of India’s Kayakalp Guidelines prepared for healthcare facilities. The multilingual app has a simple and iconised user interface and configurable functionalities.

The adoption of appropriate WaSH habits within healthcare delivery systems on a real-time basis is expected to reduce delay in action when issues are reported, save time, save money, and, most importantly, save lives.

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Available as a web platform and integrated android app, this product enables frontline staff workers in any setting (urban, rural, rurban) across thematic areas to:

  • Guide dialogue by the staff on multiple topics as defined by the programme
  • Create reminders and alerts for follow-up
  • Use customised non 1-1 based workflows for reporting and follow up
  • Allow decentralised analysis and decision making

Built within the framework of a prayer wheel, where every interaction is a continuation of the previous discussion, and enhanced by an easy-to-use UI and vernacular languages, this solution helps all the key staff in a programme plan and monitor their programme.

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Saarthi Health Innovation Platform (SHIP)

Saarthi Health Innovation Platform (SHIP)

All of your hospital’s operational needs can be met in one place with Saarthi Health Innovation Platform (SHIP).

SHIP is an integrated solution that enables healthcare facilities access non-clinical services like financing, equipment & facility maintenance, medical waste management, legal and advisory services which leads to efficient cost management, clinical outcomes and ultimately enhances the quality of healthcare.

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