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Testimonials of our Impact

  • Arghyam is partnering with an external agency, Catalyst Management Services (CMS), who will measure and evaluate the outcomes of the project. The survey has been designed quite elegantly; it’s a neat, tight set of questions focusing on usage. I was impressed with the way in which the FIs, young girls, were able to strike a rapport almost immediately with the respondents. At times when people didn’t understand the question, they were good at explaining the question to the respondent without leading them towards the answer. It’s a difficult yet important job really, going from house to house in the hot sun, asking the same questions over and over again, but they did it cheerfully and enthusiastically

    - Radhika Viswanathan

  • We wanted to write to thank you for being such wonderful hosts during our short stay in Delhi, but more importantly for putting on such an excellent event today. The attendance alone was an incredible feat, and the active and passionate engagement of literally dozens of individuals learning about CEI for the first time was inspiring. Suparna and Vijay found the perfect balance of guiding conversation while leaving most of the talking for our participants to do -- this is a fantastic precedent to set as we build demand-driven networks.

    - Molly Jamieson Eberhardt

  • It was a great learning experience for me where I learnt in a Good work environment. The organization made sure we were comfortable and well cared for in terms of our stay, which made working easier. The flexibility of working from home is a great concept which the organization is having. The best part of our internship was our Reporting Officer who helped me understand the work, plan it properly and we worked well as sounding boards to bounce of ideas which gave us a lot of clarity when it came to the processes and analyses part of the project.

    - Isha Dash


  • The multi-staged recruitment process was extensive in the sense that it gave CMS a good understanding of how I could contribute to their endeavors and fit in the organizational structure. As a potential employee, it also gave me a good overview of how methodical CMS is in going about its job and the rigor I would be expected off at work. The three interviews that I had seemed to focus on particular aspects of me as an individual and a professional which in effect allowed me to look back at myself and reflect on my strengths and weaknesses.

    - Lucien Chan

    Gap Foundation

  • We view technology as a force multiplier, problem solver, paradigm changer and a significant enabler of social impact. However, we do not romanticise tech, rather use it and make it work for all, especially the poorest and the marginalised. We are a product and company-agnostic and therefore we work with what works. We specialise in studying, designing and applying technologies for accelerating impact, exponentially.

    Our strength comes from:

    1. Multi-disciplinary team of engineers, software developers, system designers and social development practitioners – all under one roof.
    2. Access to a range of developers (individuals and companies), specialists, designers with whom we outsource key elements of solutions.
    3. Tool bank: Continuous landscape analysis of all emerging technologies; test and document them for use in social development; our arsenal of potential solutions.  Part of this is ‘risk and hype’ analysis of tech; to understand what negative consequences it may lead to and how much is hype and how much is reality.
    4. Our understanding of emerging and potential cutting technology – Artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain, IOT, drones, data security (from utility and community perspective).
    5. Our deep understanding of applied behavioural sciences in technology and use of human-centred design – which increases chances of our support succeeding.

    We help organisations through:

    1. Results focused technology solutions – We use existing and our own solutions and assemble in a way to accelerate results. Some of our in house solutions are:
      1. Outreach app – Taaras, for outreach and community engagement
      2. PHC app – to deliver primary healthcare services
      3. WaSH – to assess and monitor hospitals for WaSH among others
      4. Milestone – to monitor work plans across departments and organisations, WaSH
      5. I Got Crops – for business planning for on farm value chain

    This is our illustrative toolkit; after studying the requirements, we dip into our landscape database for the most appropriate solution:

    1. Communitise technologies – Support developers, innovators and technologists in conceptualising, testing, grounding and scaling technologies.
    2. Niche support services:
      1. Tech impact and cost effectiveness assessment
      2. Technology procurement support (hard, soft and everything in-between)
      3. Data security assessments
      4. Data use, disuse and quality analysis
      5. Data culture assessment
      6. Set up and management of data hub
      7. Drone survey

    Our technology solutions cater to various thematic areas livelihood, health, education, etc.  To know more on the themes we work on, please see link.

    Two of our key examples of our work and results:

    1. Worked with 300+ users across five states reaching more than 136,000+ key population to design and use an outreach solution which helped them accelerate the pathway to outcomes by increasing their efficiency

    Designed and deployed IGotCrops in collaboration with Mindtree.org across 10 geographical locations in India to be used by agri facilitators reaching more than 120,000 farmers to help with business planning for on-field activities